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It represents the “spirit” of many places I have visited, travelling around the world, and some others I have only heard of, amazing stories, but they only exist in my imagination.


I represent in this collection what I call "spirit", which is not just a  landscape but a feeling that summarizes this place.

Many times, when you explore a place for the first time, you tend to get an astonishing feeling which fixes in your mind forever, However, in most cases this perception can change during your second visit.


This is the "Spirit" of a place or any location, each time its different.



BOREALIS, came to MyBrain while I was listening to a friend talking about their adventures through the frozen, cold, and dark, but also green, shiny, and awesome Iceland. Listening about Northern Lights, amazing high mountains, and all those kind of crazy things that happen on the road when you are that far from home.


MAYA WORLD, came to MyBrain remembering those stories I heard in Yucatan years ago, about the weird way Mayan culture disappeared. Stories about divine plagues, aliens each one most picturesque.

But what’s true is that something happened in that jungle that just made the Mayans simply vanish.



Remembering clearly the image that fixed in my mind on my arrival to the Sacred City of Macchu Picchu is difficult sometimes , Besides the high mountain squall, the suffocating heat of the jungle, that moist air that looks like it could be chewed up, preventing you from seeing clearly, and the feeling of unreality produced by altitude sickness, all together  happening while you are watching through the window of the train those ruins breaking through the jungle everywhere along the way, appearing just in front of you, from inside the mist, slowly, like in some kind of a fairy tale, That is the absolutely unrepeatable feeling MyBrain calls, MYSTERIOUS ANDES.

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